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At Achieve Pediatric Therapy, we care about helping kids.

Our team of therapists are passionate about helping kids achieve their highest potential. We work closely with families to foster an environment that is both educational and nurturing.  Achieve therapists ensure therapy sessions are fun and the kids are engaged every step of the way.


ABA Collaboration:

Here at Achieve, we proudly partner with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) clinics to provide the core therapies of occupational therapy (OT), physical therapy (PT), and speech therapy (ST) for children with autism .When a child is diagnosed with autism, the interventions must treat the whole person, not simply a few hand-picked symptoms of the disorder. Because autism is such a multifaceted disorder to work with, various professionals are needed to create interventions for the child. This is why OT ,PT, and ST are common services that children with autism receive.

We follow the multidisciplinary approach, where the child can benefit from ABA therapy and all additional services under one roof. This is valuable to everyone involved as team collaboration from all disciplines results in the highest quality care for the children. The treatment outcomes are unmatched, when team members from different disciplines work together, with a common purpose, to set goals, make decisions and share resources and responsibilities. Offering OT, PT and ST in an ABA clinic is an add-on bonus for  parents knowing their child can receive all necessary services in one location.

When working with a child with autism, the best way is to take a whole-child, holistic route that includes various forms of treatment. Occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy are all examples of service-related treatments that children with autism can have in the home or in the center. The benefits of obtaining these services at a young age are wonderful.

At Achieve, we share a common goal to help our clients succeed while making it easier for the families and everyone involved.


Why choose Achieve Pediatric Therapy Services:

The dedicated team at Achieve Pediatric Therapy Services works to create treatment plans to meet your child’s individual goals.  In addition, we offer:

  • Multi-disciplinary approach offering a wide range of therapeutic services
  • Your child’s entire team is trained on ABA strategies and continually collaborates with each other.
  • Highly experienced and skilled therapists
  • In-network with most insurance companies
  • The convenience of 1 location for all of your child’s therapy needs.