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Achieve Pediatric Therapy Services provides a wide range of services for children with various challenges and diagnoses. We provide a comprehensive and science-based approach to our therapeutic interventions. Each child receives a full evaluation, report, and customized treatment plan that best meets his or her needs.

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Achieve Pediatric Therapy partners with you to ensure that the treatment plan and therapeutic interventions are meeting the entire family’s needs. Our goals are in conjunction with your goals. Working as a team, we can Achieve more.

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Pediatric therapy and counseling specialists

Our therapists are specially trained in the field of pediatric therapy. We incorporate a variety of fun, age appropriate activities into therapy sessions and are trained to be sensitive to the emotional, psychological, and physical needs of children.  Above all, we are passionate about improving the lives of your kids.

Speech Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy is the evaluation and treatment of speech and language delays and disorders provided by licensed speech language pathologists
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Feeding Therapy

Highly trained and skilled Pediatric Speech and Language Pathologists will work with children that have feeding or swallowing issues
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Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapy team works to improve daily life skills for kids. In addition, they address issues that are associated with sensory processing
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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy focuses on a wide variety of gross motor skill delay and development. Our team works to meet age appropriate milestones
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Mental Health Counseling

Mental health is just as important as physical health and development. Achieve’s mental health professionals partner with families to ensure strong coping techniques
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Achieve Pediatric Therapy has a dynamic teletherapy system in place. Our team of therapists can work with your child and family remotely, fostering a safe and convenient environment
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Schedule a Developmental Free Screening (Speech, Occupational, Physical)

The purpose of a screening is to find out if there are areas of concern that need evaluation. If an evaluation is not found to be necessary, therapists will give parents and/or teachers suggestions to work with the child to address areas of concern. Sometimes therapists will suggest a re-screening in the future.
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