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Mental Health Counseling

Pediatric Mental Health Counseling addresses behavioral and emotional issues that children encounter for various reasons. Our team of highly skilled and experienced mental health professionals take the time to learn about your child and create a therapeutic plan to increase coping skills and other necessary tools for better mental health.

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Children have specific mental health needs, differing from those of adults.  Properly addressing mental health concerns is a critical part of development. Often times, this is an area that is overlooked. Our experienced mental health professionals take time to get to know each child, and understand what their needs are. We look to create an environment of trust which fosters a results based treatment approach. Your child’s emotional needs are important to us. We can address a wide array of mental health concerns in conjunction with other therapies that a child may be receiving.

Improve positive behaviors at home or in school, while eliminating negative ones
Our specialists will address specific behaviors to ensure negative ones are being reduced and positive ones are being reinforced.
Develop impulse control skills
We will work with your child to increase impulse control and identify triggers that may cause difficulties.
Strengthen social interactions and self-esteem
The team at Achieve will help your child increase their ability to have meaningful social interactions with family and friends.
Decrease conflict with family members, teachers, and peers
We emphasize de-escalating conflict in order to have more productive experiences with family and peers.
Trauma Counseling
Achieve therapists are highly trained in therapeutic interventions dealing with various types of trauma.
Recover from emotional distress
Our team will provide the necessary skills and coping mechanisms to recover from difficult and emotional times.

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