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Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapists at Achieve Pediatric Therapy will develop individualized treatment plans to help your child reach important milestones.

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Pediatric Occupational Therapy helps children from birth to the age of 21 participate in their daily lives, such as play, social interactions, school, community outings, and self-care activities.

Achieve Pediatric Therapy has a skilled, and experienced team of licensed occupational therapists who focus on helping children Achieve a high level of independence.  Our therapists will work with your child to achieve fine motor control, body awareness, visual perceptual skills, and an over arching improvement in sensory processing development.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy encompasses different areas. Achieve Pediatric Therapy will help identify and set up goal oriented treatment plans designed to help your child thrive
Daily Living Skills
Daily living skills can be challenging for some kids. Achieve Pediatric Therapy’s team of Occupational Therapists evaluate and provide ongoing therapy to children who need assistance with daily living skills such as bathing, brushing hair and teeth, toileting, dressing, and other self-care tasks.
Fine Motor Skills
Fine motor skills refers to how a child uses their hands and fingers. Some of these skills include grasping a pen or pencil, cutting, and tying shoe laces. Our Occupational Therapists use standardized assessment tools and observation to determine the best therapeutic interventions to improve fine motor skills.
Ocular Motor Skills
Achieve Pediatric Therapy’s Occupational Therapists evaluate and treat children with visual perception and eye control issues. Our goal is for your child to be able to recognize objects in order, to make adjustments regarding size and spatial relationships, and to have the ability to use both eyes in a coordinated manner.
Sensory Integration
Sensory integration and sensory processing issues are a huge part of what Occupational Therapists evaluate and treat for . Sensory processing refers to how our bodies process the information that comes in through our senses. Our team works with children who have SPD or other related issues using a variety of techniques.
Coordination includes eye-hand coordination, body awareness, balance, gross motor coordination, mobility, flexibility and core strength. These are all crucial to your child’s success and self-esteem, as they all collectively will allow your child to participate in and master age-appropriate physical skills and activities with their peers.
Perceptual Motor Skills
These skills allow for sensory information to be successfully understood by your child. Perceptual motor activities involve using the brain (cognitive skills) and (physical skills) simultaneously, like walking and talking at the same time. Achieve’s Occupational Therapists work closely with kids to ensure these systems are working properly.

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