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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my child needs therapy?

Your child may benefit from an evaluation by a pediatric therapist if you have concerns about your child’s overall development in thinking and learning, communicating, playing, and moving. You, your therapist, and pediatrician will discuss the concerns and create a plan for addressing your child’s needs.

What is Natural Environment?

Natural environment is any place your child spends a significant amount of time with family and friends during growth and development. This is your home, family-member’s homes, schools and daycares, parks and playgrounds, and other places in the community where your child needs to have access and independence.

How do Home-Based/Natural Environment therapies help my child?

The greatest ability to learn and progress can be gained in the child’s own home or other natural environment setting, as this is the place where your child spends the majority of time playing, learning, and moving. Your child’s day-to-day routines with family support during therapy interactions will promote confidence, independence, and create opportunities for growth.

What services does Achieve Pediatric Therapy offer?

Achieve Pediatric Therapy offers pediatric physical, occupational, speech and language and behavioral therapies. We are a useful resource for many of your child’s needs including early intervention, advocacy in the school-system, assistive technologies and adaptive equipment, and other community supports and activities.

What time is available for therapy services to be scheduled?

Your therapist will contact you about the availability in scheduling. Achieve therapists routinely provide services beyond normal office hours, incorporating before and after-school time frames.

How do I know if  therapy is covered by my insurance?

Parents can provide insurance information and give permission to contact their insurance company regarding eligibility. Parents might also contact their insurance company directly.

My child receives therapy at school. Should they have additional services?

If parents are comfortable with their child’s rate of progress, they may not require more services. However, many children do benefit from increased therapy sessions. We do our best to coordinate with school to provide optimal services for clients we share.

How long will my child attend therapy?

  Therapy duration is dependent on a number of factors:

  • Type and level of impairment

  • Presence of maintaining factors

  • Existence of additional support services

  • Parental involvement

  • Client motivation

How do you determine when the child is ready to be discharged from therapy services?

Client progress is charted on an ongoing basis. Frequent reassessments of deficit areas are administered during the course of treatment.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my child’s therapy?

You can call us at any time to discuss your child and the therapy services you are receiving.