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Early Intervention

Early Intervention (Birth – 3 Years old)

Early Intervention is a statewide program for ages birth-3 years old. The program is coordinated through a local Child and Family Connections office, who determine eligibility, set up initial evaluations, develop Individual Family Service Plans, and set up all ongoing therapy. Achieve Pediatric Therapy is a proud state of Illinois Early Intervention provider.

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A child qualifies for Early Intervention services if he or she has a 30% or higher developmental delay in one of the five main areas of development, a qualifying medical condition, or meet a risk eligibility criteria.  This is determined through an evaluation process set up by your designated service coordinator.

Once evaluations are complete, your team will meet to discuss next steps, set up therapy goals, and finalize an Individual Family Service Plan.

Early Intervention (EI) offers several different types of therapies

What does EI include?
Early Intervention provides various types of therapies including Physical, Speech, Occupational, Developmental, and Mental Health Services. Eligible children can receive one or more therapies depending on his or her needs.

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