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Speech and Language Therapy

Pediatric Speech Therapy concentrates on several areas of development including expressive and receptive language. Our team of therapists identifies and works with your child to increase their communication skills.

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Achieve Pediatric Therapy provides speech-language therapy for children aged birth to 21. Each child will receive a comprehensive evaluation using a series of tests and clinical observations. Individualized¬† treatment plans are developed based on the child’s needs and achievable goals. Therapy sessions consist of a wide range of techniques proven to help kids with both receptive and expressive skills. Therapy is play based, and always a lot of fun.

Our specialized treatment areas include the following:

Articulation Therapy
Articulation issues are common for children. Kids may leave out or substitute sounds when not appropriate, leading to difficulty in understanding what they are trying to say. Our team works to diagnose articulation issues and then provide therapy to help him or her communicate more effectively.
Oral Motor Function Therapy
During sessions with our speech and language therapist team, any difficulties with movement involving the mouth in order to speak, swallow or eat will be addressed through strength training sessions, coordination practice and breathing therapy.
Apraxia refers to a disconnect between the brain and mouth. In children with apraxia, the signal that the brain sends does not get to the mouth in order to produce the intended sounds. Our Speech Therapists focuses on practicing syllables, words and phrases in a repetitive and frequent manner.
Swallowing Therapy
Swallowing issues can lead to significant health problems if not treated. Gagging, choking, or spitting up while eating is a sign that evaluation and therapy may be needed. Your child may benefit from swallowing therapy if he or she struggles with sucking, chewing or moving the food toward the throat prior to swallowing. Achieve therapists are specialized in this area of treatment.
Voice Therapy
A variety of pediatric voice disorders can have profound effects on a child’s life. If your child is experiencing changes in pitch, loudness and overall voice quality, he or she may benefit from Achieve Pediatric Therapy’s voice therapy sessions, which also includes treatment for resonance and fluency disorders. Our therapists will evaluate and create a customized treatment plan specifically for your child.
Receptive and Expressive Language Therapy
Our speech and language therapists help children with both receptive (understanding, responding to and following directions) as well as expressive (using words or sign language to share thoughts and feelings with others). Your child will receive a full evaluation and tailored treatment plan to meet his or her needs.

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